Hard Shell Helmet Mirror (03)

Information Sheet


This mirror clamps to the lip of Hard Shell helmets. The maximum opening of the clamp is approximately 1/2 inch. The original helmets all had a ridged outer shell and this mirror was designed to clamp to that outer shell. The clamp can also attach to the visors of many helmets. The glass mirror is 1 1/2 inches in diameter & it is laminated into the mirror shell making it shatterproof . This doesn't mean that it won't break. If you hit the glass with a hammer it will break --but the glass fragments will not come out of the plastic shell. The original mirrors were glass with the typical silvered backing. Some of our customers who live in places like Seattle, where if you don't ride in the rain you don't ride, would have the backing turn black around the edges. Also, riders that dripped perspiration into the mirrors lost the backing. We now use an aluminized reflective backing and the problem is solved.




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