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Third Eye® Mirrors

Bicycle Safety, Inc. Bicycle Safety, Inc. manufacturers of Bicycle Rear View Mirrors for Helmets, Eye Glasses and Bicycle Handlebars -- used by; Bicyclists, Touring Cyclists, Racing Cyclists and Triathletes. Made in U.S.A.

We have 8 Third Eye® Products!

Third Eye® is a registered trademark of Bicycle Safety, Inc.

Third Eye® On Lens Mirror (04)

Third Eye® On Lens Mirror (04)The Third Eye® #04-On Lens Micro Mirror fits inside your Eyeglasses. Third Eye® On Lens Mirror (04)


Third Eye® Pro Mirror (02)

Pro Helmet MirrorThe Third Eye® Pro Helmet Mirror (02) glues to the inner or outer surface of almost any helmet. It has a longer arm and a larger mirror and has extreme range of adjustments. 

Third Eye® Eye Glass Mirror (05)

Eye Glass MirrorThe Third Eye® Eye Glass Mirror (05) clips to the temple piece of almost all eye glasses or sun glasses. 

Third Eye® Bar End Mirror (09)

Bar End MirrorThe Third Eye® Bar End Mirror (09) attaches to the end of your handlebars. It has a 3 inch convex mirror made of real glass. It won't scratch or get dull with age. 

Third Eye® Foam Helmet Mirror (07)

Foam Helmet MirrorThe Third Eye® Foam Helmet Mirror (07) attaches to the inner or outer rim of almost any helmet. We previously used Velcro as an attachment. Now, we use a new Hi-Tech product called Duel-Lock. If you still have Velcro you should upgrade to Duel-Lock (see Customer Services below). 

 Third Eye® ChainWatcher (01)

ChainWatcherThe Third Eye® ChainWatcher (01). This is not a mirror. The ChainWatcher was invented out of necessity. Most bicycles today should have a triple chainring set up. Even the strongest riders need low gearing some times. The ChainWatcher prevents the chain from coming off, on the inside, when shifting to a small inner chainring. Once installed on your bike, you will never lose your chain on the inside again. 

Third Eye® Hardshell Helmet Mirror (03)

Hard Shell Helmet MirrorThe Third Eye® Hardshell Helmet Mirror (03) clamps to hardshell helmets like the VP-1 Pro and the old Bell Biker. It also attaches to the visors of many helmets. 

 Third Eye® Loupe (06)

LoupeThe Third Eye® Loupe (06) is not a bicycle product and is not available through retail stores. This 2.5X magnifying loupe is available by Mail Order only. This is actually a by product of the Eye Glass Mirror. The mirror is replaced with a magnifying lens and it makes a handy inexpensive loupe. 
These products are available at most Bike Shops throughout the U. S. and Canada.
These products are available by Mail Order outside U.S. and Canada 
Customer Services and Repairs 
These products were invented by Dr. Jack Greenlaw,  Founder of Bicycle Safety, Inc. 
We take great satisfaction in the fact that our products have prevented uncounted deaths and injuries over the years. If you have a personal experience, please relay it to us.m

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