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Third Eye Mirror Repair


We do not sell our products directly to consumers

You can buy our products from your local Bike Shop, or Catalog.

Repair Service

Send your broken mirror or a complete description of the part needed with your check. ($2.00 per part + one $4.00 shipping and handling charge) to:

Bicycle Safety, Inc.
Third Eye Mirror Repair
8863 Marsh Creek Rd. Suite 144
Clayton, CA 94517


Send $1.00 and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to receive one of the following;

Ball Joints

The ball joints on Third Eye Mirrors { (02), (03), (05) & (07) } have a unique construction. The joint is made up of three parts. The ball joint can be tightened. When you think the joint is loose just tighten it by firmly pushing the ball deeper in to the socket. The ball joint can not be pulled apart. If you need to dissassemble a ball joint press a blunt instrument into the little hole on the joint and push the joint appart.


Contact Shela Greenlaw if you have a Customer Service problem.

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